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J. G. Sauer

Magic & Adventure

Joni Folger

Drama & Mystery


Release day is April 4!

Madness-Through-the-Looking-Glass cover concept - version 3 02-26-23.jpg

Madness through the Looking Glass


Wielding the Scepter of Fire, Alyssa Montague, descendant of the original Alice, saved a fairytale world from the evil forces of the Red King. Now, with new conflict brewing and the final fate of the Red King still unclear, disquiet is spreading with random attacks popping up all over Artemysia.


Returning to the kingdom, Alyssa finds herself face to face with Niall, the handsome, dangerous fae warrior and High Lord of the Twilight Court. The one person who kindles a passion within her that she can’t reconcile. But as Niall and his warriors escort Alyssa to the White Palace, they are set upon by rebel forces, and Alyssa is taken. The race to rescue her will take the High Lord and a small army into the dreaded Barrens—a desolate landscape where all manner of terrifying creatures reside. Following his heart, Niall is determined to find his love and destroy this new threat once and for all. But will he run out of time…?

A River Bend Vineyard Mystery

River Bend Vineyard is turned upside down and steeped in mystery when a scheming family member is found murdered on the property.

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