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J. G. Sauer
Magic & Adventure

Joni Folger
Drama & Mystery

Immortal-Ascending,-an-Immortal-Prophesy-Novel - 04-13-24.jpg

Immortal Ascending


Dory Winthrop has been the designated Chosen One by ancient Prophesy for over three centuries, but she’s never been comfortable with her calling as an Immortal savior. Now, just when she’s struggling with her fate more than ever before, she and her team are again tasked with protecting the world from peril. They must find the key to avert a threat that could change the world in inconceivable ways and upend history. With the assignment coming from an astonishing source, Dory must find a way to be the shield for the world that she was meant to be… and finally make peace with her destiny.

With a few more years as an Immortal under his belt, unlike Dory, Kaden Crenshaw, has embraced his role as Chosen Warrior. By Dory’s side, he’s done things he could never have imagined, seen things that even now he can’t explain. Just when he thinks he’s got a handle on this new Immortal life he’s been shown, something new challenges his very core beliefs. This latest mission is no exception, to say the least. However, for him, it’s about trust and faith, and he will not falter. He’ll support the love of his life and lead the team to the mission’s conclusion because failure is not an option.

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A River Bend Vineyard Mystery
Now with NEW COVERS!

River Bend Vineyard is turned upside down and steeped in mystery when a scheming family member is found murdered on the property.


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Monkshood, Tea & Murder


Fellow witches Lydie Charles and Vanessa Deerborne strive to bring joy to their community with the events they plan and cater. The Seal Cove Garden Society’s annual garden party is next up on the agenda, but Lydie has been having some disturbing visons with the Society playing a starring role. Something dark is afoot, and the women know it’s going to take more than a simple spell to head off what’s coming when Society members start dropping like rose petals.

Detective Nick Sutton is baffled by his cousin Vanessa and her business partner Lydie with their magic and potions, and he doesn’t take kindly to them poking around in his investigations. But when Lydie’s strange visions turn out to be prophetic, he’s going to need an extra helping of magic to keep the women safe and solve the case before someone else dies.

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